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Coaching girls softball can be challenging, especially if you've never done it before. Each girl brings her own set of skills and atheltic ability to the team, and knowing how to address that requires different techniques and methods. One of the best ways to learn is by watching others who are successful in the field. Talking with other coaches is invaluable, as is spending time watching their practices. In addition, the Internet is a huge trove of great information from quality instructors that can provide you with pretty much everything you need. From practice plans to drills to slow motion videos, it's all there. What's below is a sampling of some of the sites we've found particularly useful. Hopefully they help you on your quest to teach the girls as much softball and teamwork as possible!


Amateur Softball Association (ASA)
Cindy Bristow's Softball Excellence
Jugs Sports Coaches Corner
Softball Practice Plans and Drills
Softball Spot
The Perfect Practice Plan -


Amateur Softball Association (ASA)
CoachesDirectory (Browse for Mike Candrea videos)
Fastpitch Softball TV Network (Search for Softball videos)
Sara Tucholsky - An Inspiring Softball Story TV
Softball Power Drive - Slo Motion Pitch


Fielding Drills
Fielding Drills #1
Fielding Drills #2
Fielding Drills #3
Fielding Games

Throwing Drills
Throwing Drills #1
Throwing Drills #2
Throwing Drills #3

Baserunning Drills
Baserunning Drills #1

Hitting Drills
Hitting Drills #1

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