Sam The Umpire

Many of you know who Sam the Umpire is...maybe he's officiated your game, or you've seen him take pictures of your team...but what do you really know about him. Did you know:

Sam is a triple alumnus of NAU, where he holds a bachelor and two masters degrees
He spent six years in the Marine Corps during the Korean War
When he started college at NAU, tuition was $10 a semester!
Every penny Sam has earned as a youth, high school, and college referee for the last 51 years has gone to benefit NAU students
In 1960, Sam began to set aside his proceeds from officiating to finance the Borozan Memorial Scholarship for modern language students
Sam was profiled at NAU in this very interesting article : Portrait: "Mr. NAU"

If find a moment with Sam, take some time to thank him for his service to OVFPS and sports teams across Arizona! And if you have a story you'd like to share about an experience with Sam, send it to and we'll get it posted here!

Oro Valley Fast Pitch Softball is extremely proud to have Sam Borozan work with the men, women and girls who are part of this league!

Borozan Scholarship 2013 Winners

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